There’s something about 2013 that made us want to shape-shift like a Wonder Twin and bust out of our suit and throw on a cardigan and sneakers Mr. Rogers-style. Change it up. We approached our dear friend Davina Grunstein over at Matter Design and told her we were ready for a shiny new outfit and she delivered.


The biggest thing we learned as a growing small business and from our early DIY days is—it pays to have someone else do your branding. Having new eyes and a fresh approach to your brand can really bring to the surface something special and unique that you may have not even known was there—but yes, was there all along. As our CEO & Creative Director Drury Bynum likes to say: ‘making the invisible, visible’. A valuable lesson, considering that’s what we do for our clients! We take a slice of their business or brand and bring it to the surface. That slice is usually the center, the heart, the good stuff that is honest, real and the thing that connects to the audience.

Our new logo is a reflection of who we are and who we aspire to be—modern, elegant and refined. Our new site (built by us) is now better at communicating what we do (hint: it’s not just video). We’re looking forward to the continued transformation, change and adventure 2013 will bring. Hope you follow us on our journey.