One of the finer perks of our job is travel. This year has been an exceptional year of roadtrippin’ for us & by far our fave place to jet off to and shoot is NYC. This time around we holed up in Brooklyn at some divey hotel and drank at seedy bars like a real film crew. Not really! This shoot was a blast. It involved a super cool studio, great actors, a set designer, 12 set changes in two days, an awesome stylist, beautiful jewelry, props, and smoothies made to order. What’s not to love? Some places not to miss in Brooklyn:

Marlow & Sons for homestyle dinner • The Meatball Shop for meatballs your way • Sweet Chick for fried chicken & spicy margaritas • King & Grove roof bar for cocktails with a view • Kinfolk Studios for the perfect slice of BK inspiration & coffee. Mwah.