Last week we got to take a quick little jaunt up to our second fave east coast city and meet with some awesome people, eat some good food and stay at a place that’s not only the coolest new digs in Greenwich Village, but also the best deal in town. Scoring a room at $275 a night in NYC in October is no small feat—you’re lucky if that lands you here—but thanks to a ‘soft opening/working out the kinks’ kinda break, we got to stay at the newly renovated Marlton House. The history of Marlton is equally as cool as the blue velvet sofas in the lobby…among notable guests back in the Bohemian days were the likes of Jack Kerouac, Neil Cassady, Valerie Solanas & Lenny Bruce.

The scoop is, BD Hotels in partnership with Sean MacPherson (he’s behind The Bowery Hotel) purchased the Marlton House with the intention of restoring the historic property and operating it as a mid-range boutique in the spirit of its original beatnik brand. The results are a gorgeous, ‘Parisian apartment house’ mix with subtle touches of ornate, fine and subversive. My favorite tongue in cheek moment was the shiny bronze shower nozzle that read ‘Hot & Gold’.

MUST STAY: Marlton House, EAT: Kin Shop, Waverly Inn, ABC Cocina, SHOP: Personnel of NY, C.O. Bigelow, SEE: Fall window shopping in West Village is perfection.