One of our goals at Shine is to learn something new everyday. Whether it’s how to pick a lock, work a Shoshanna top knot or this crazy yoga pose. Same goes for filmmaking, we’re always wanting more. New lighting techniques, new lenses, new editing techniques…so when we heard about an amazing workshop that would help us make our storytelling 100x better, we responded with a resounding hells yes.

At Stillmotion’s ‘Storytelling with Heart,‘ We had the privilege of hearing how these guys do what they do and learning how to apply it to what we do. Stillmotion is (in their words) ‘a small collection of curious, loud, trouble-making souls who believe that powerful stories can change the world’. They have a killer process of story development and a beautiful way of showing + telling, so how could we not take this workshop? On their 28-city tour we sat in on the DC stop and over the course of 8 hours, we gained a whole new process in ‘finding the story’ and a keen understanding that our job is knowing a client better than they know themselves. (how’s that for ROI?)

It was like a storytelling/film school/networking opportunity all rolled into one. We love meeting others in our industry, so not only did we meet a bunch of local filmmakers but we realized that we’re not alone in our challenges. The guys at Stillmotion have something special and even better, are willing to share it with the rest of us.