Maybe it’s generational, but magazines will never go out of favor to the crew at Shine. They are glossy and nostalgic, and with the right art direction, can launch themselves onto the “things we’d save in a fire” list.

But part of the struggle we’ve seen in our industry is turning this two dimensional medium into film. It’s a tricky process to execute well, and this article from Digiday explores the elements of success. We’ve seen a few amazing examples ourselves, and often turn to them for inspiration. One of our favorites is a feature in the wanderlust aficionado magazine, AFAR. The Ritz-Carlton turned the idea of an ‘advertorial’ or the better buzzwords ‘branded content’ (which typically comes off forced and painfully obvious) into a four page spread that takes a few flips through the pages to find.

By keeping the layout similar to the rest of AFAR, it’s easy to get well into the articles before realizing it’s an ad, but by then you’re hooked. They brilliantly profile people in the travel world, and weave beautiful images with compelling personal stories. Called “Artisans Inspired,” the series can be followed deeper on AFAR’s Ritz-Carlton-sponsored site. Though the videos could be a bit more compelling, it’s a seamless journey from print to web.

And now we’d really like to hightail it to a far-flung Ritz-Carlton estate please.