We’re in the midst of a huge Baltimore crush right now. We’ve been working on a series with the guys from Treason Toting Company, which is making us feel cooler by association. Our dance cards are booked with street festivals (and the genius humans who sell beer and oysters at most of them); and tonight we’re headed to Hampden to shoot Strangers With Style’s mini fashion show at Gallery 788. Not even a week into fall and we’ve already forgotten about summer. Bring on layers, scarves, and some kickass Baltimore people.

Also, if you like the picture above, GOOD, because there’s a lot more where that came from. The talented John Davis has joined our team to (in part) up our blog game from Instagram shots to Instagram shots and dreamy professional photography.

And now, some links to fuel your procrastination fire.

Seemed appropriate, given our plans this evening.

Some inspiration for fall’s best liquor.

A chat with this week’s Creative Mornings guest, Wesley Stuckey.

Stars: They’re just like us.

Good tips– and gorgeous shots- on how to re-imagine/invigorate your work space.

Thith week in wanderlutht.

Sponsored by cool.

This is delightful.