Our schedules are all off since a big chunk of Shine is in Brooklyn for the first ever Creative Mornings summit. It’s been an incredible few days, and we’re so grateful to be a part of this global community. Creative Mornings teams from nearly 40 countries have all converged in New York, and we’ve so enjoyed getting to know them, swapping stories and tips, and being pumped up by our hosts, Tina Roth Eisenburg of Swiss-Miss and her hilarious, hardworking team.

We’ll get way more into our experience here next week, so we’ll leave you with some links to enjoy in our absence. Back to normally scheduled programming next week. Have a gorgeous weekend, and go O’s.

Heard about this guy’s genius foray into the rap/video world during a CM talk.

This seems low risk/high reward…

…and this book might find its way onto our Kindles.

Magic is everywhere.

Seven days a week, for two years straight.

An easy 30 minute project for fall.

Simon Doonan is adorable.