In New York last week, a friend mentioned he was going on an interview to get a desk at NeueHouse. An hour later, our minds were reeling.

NeueHouse is a collaborative work space for creatives. At 50,000 square feet, expanding to four floors, with unbelievable design and attention to detail, it’s basically Barbie’s Entrepreneurial Dream House. You can score a solo membership, or come in as a company as long as you’ve got less than ten people on staff. There’s a coffee bar, an adult beverage bar, a small restaurant, conference rooms, a screening room, and, based on their promotional film, every member is extremely hot.

Because we so often have Baltimore on the brain, we automatically began wondering how something like this might fair in our little city. One of the best things about Baltimore is its collaborative nature, and how quick people are to offer their time or resources. What if our city’s best creative, artistic, and tech talent were all housed under one roof? Can you imagine what could come out of that kind of access?

We’re excited to track the NeueHouse concept as it travels to new cities. For now, Baltimore will keep trucking the way it always has- eagerly, kindly, and without bells and whistles. But our hearts, which are always longing for posh settings and work-appropriate cocktails, are predicting this city might change from grit to glam over the next few years.