We were reading this post about layering beige (as you do) and something looked familiar. The familiar-feeling nagged for a few hours, until we hopped onto the Shine Pinterest page and realized we’ve been collecting beige-layered pictures for years.

Our beige image hoarding initially felt boring (are we boring? we’re not boring) but upon further review, we’re proud to have been ahead of the beige trend. Color certainly has its time and place, but creating a neutral base is so soothing and crisp-looking. At least in terms of decor.

Our design minds are clearly connected to the beige palette, but our film minds wanted to know why. We created a gallery of iconic images in movies using beige tones, and for a color accused of being boring, beige is a major player in film. Wes Anderson makes it look rich and warm, the boys from The Hangover make it look stark and unnaturally bright, and the gals from First Wives Club use it to create a fresh and youthful glow.

Now we’re curious about how ALL the colors individually influence film. Thus start-eth a mini blog series exploring use of color in film, so stay tuned. Thanks for the inspiration, beige!