Is there any place on earth that does Fall better than New England? Do they even have other seasons there? The weather is slightly dreary and always perfect for a cable knit sweater; there are so many places to pose for pictures (an old clapboard building/ in a red and orange forest/ in the center of a small town/ the ocean), and everyone has perfectly flushed cheeks at all times.

We shot this Sebago video in Fall 2012, and it’s making us feel good about the gray skies over Baltimore today. We’re so close to the days of needing a heavy duty shoe to keep warm, followed by warming up by a fire with a hot toddy and some kind of slightly itchy heritage wool blanket. There are probably slippers and a yawning black lab in this fantasy too. Ahhh, it’s so easy to romanticize autumn if you can just forget that it’s followed by winter.