As we continue our study in color, red jumped out to be next, as red is wont to do. We had assumptions about the color- that it’s a total middle child who WANTS YOUR ATTENTION, but the further we dove into the use of red in film, the more we realized how nuanced it really is. It can softly light a romantic (or, ahem, bedroom) scene. It can show both fear and solidarity when grouped together. It can indicate danger without taking the form of blood and gore. (And it can also indicate danger when blood and gore are moments away.) Though jealousy is a typically green-hued emotion, when paired with lust, red seems appropriate. And in some cases, red can be used to very quietly clue us in to what’s to come.

Also, sometimes it’s just a fashion statement for travelers and the upwardly mobile.

If you didn’t feel like clicking through the inks (lazy), check out the gallery below.