The cold weather portion of our east coast world is here. Though temps in the 40’s will seem tropical once the el ninos and thundersnows of winter freeze our little mid-Atlantic state, we’re currently bundled up and in the “love/hate” phase of fall. Go enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to register for the Treason Toting Co anniversary party on November 12. Not only will it be an evening of fashion-savvy fun; it’s also our Director’s birthday, and he’s promised to do a shot of warm Jägermeister for every person in attendance*.

Here are some of the things we’ve been reading and watching. See you on Monday.

Manstyle, curated by woman.

The house that keeps you alive by trying to kill you.

Spring isn’t the only season for cleaning.

Would also be delicious in a bourbon drink.

Tips for not feeling miserable as winter approaches.

Next season’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” line up is on point.

The first photograph of a human.

Rethinking luxury.

The worst people.

*He has promised nothing, and is not even aware that this has been written. But you should come anyway.