Over the weekend, AdWeek produced their top ten list from 2014, and damn have things changed. If this list proves anything, it’s that thoughtful, (dare we say cunning?), made-for-social-media work has pushed high-impact Super Bowl-type ads out of the lead. In fact, the only Super Bowl ad to make this list (and win it, by the way) wasn’t even shown during the Super Bowl. It’s a short video of actress Anna Kendrick ripping New Castle Ale a new one as she complains about their lack of funding to produce the Super Bowl ad for which she was cast. Clever, funny, and massively impactful- all without the current $4 million asking price of game day ads.

The rest of the list follows suit. Some of these ads saw the light of day on cable, but most thrived online. Each ad is a short video (the shortest clock in at one minute) and theres a trend toward heart string tugging. One of our favorites- a two minute short out of London for Monty toys- rocks us with childhood nostalgia (the reveal at the end is phenomenal) without leaving us with a saccharine taste in our mouths.

This list is a flag in the ground of short videos. They’re no longer the future of how we experience advertising- they’re the now.