Because of the internet, the end of the year now means “end of year lists.” We used to get nostalgic rundowns in People Magazine reminding us who was the hottest in 1997, or from Rolling Stone doing a roll call of our CD collections, but now we get lists as specific as “The Six Best 2014 SUV’s Under $25,000.” Seriously.

But, really, isn’t it a little unfair to pump these lists out while we still have an entire month left of the year? The things that happen in December will cease to exist in the internet’s memory if they aren’t Oscar-worthy or bumped into 2015’s  yearly review, and they’re certainly not getting any play in 2014. That’s why we loved this list from Fast Company. Knowing a lot of really good creative work would slip through the annual cracks, they created a list of what to watch, listen to, read, and see in December.

Take a gander, and if we meet for cocktails let’s agree to talk about these media middle children, okay? Marcia may have been hotter, but wasn’t Jan more interesting?