Despite gallant efforts from heavy hitters like Nike and Samsung, the most-watched video of the year was from a small clothing company called Wren. Back in our retail days, we used to buy from Wren (once out of a hotel room pop-up showroom), and so we’re so happy to see quality people making it in the big leagues. Their video, “First Kiss,” shows strangers kissing in a studio. The three minute film evokes a wave of emotions mirrored between the viewers and the participants. You feel nervous as the kissers make jokes and tug on their sleeves. You feel uncomfortable as they try to avoid eye contact going in for the kiss. You feel relief as most of the kisses turn out to be good ones. (Some were, perhaps, a little too good. We’re looking at you, hussy in the off-shoulder striped top.)

Isolating a shared experience like this is brilliant marketing. Never mind that Wren is mentioned only as the stylist in the credits- this film makes you feel nostalgic and crazy and connected, and at no point is the viewer meant to feel like something is being sold to them. We talk a lot about video being the future of marketing, but this type of video is the future of video. Hats off to this compelling work.