YEAR IN REVIEW: Megan’s 2014

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The ladies and gentleman of Shine have each compiled a list of their experiences in 2014. Our first list comes from Megan, who did not win that chess game.

ATE: The turkey-on-pretzel bread sandwich from City Cafe for nearly every hangover

DRANK: Beet juice. Almost constantly. Thank you, Breville. (And QVC)

SAW: The Grand Budapest Hotel

HEARD: Myself singing along to Taylor Swift’s 1989

FELT: Feelings, when the country tipped the scales of states allowing gay marriage

EXPERIENCED: Total convenience when Uber came to Baltimore

TRAVELED: To Jamestown, RI, where we stayed on a boat through Airbnb

WORE: A sari for the first time at a wedding at this gorgeous place

BOUGHT: 31 books on my Kindle