Our final review comes from Gregg, who is not into the whole brevity thing. Enjoy this little ride through his brain and year, and then soak up the last few days of 2014. We hope tomorrow night is wonderful for you, and we can’t wait to see you in the new year!

DRANK: Vita Coco. Unpopular opinion alert: water sucks. I know.  Eight glasses a day. Blah blah blah. Vita Cocos are somehow as beneficial as water and taste so much better. And the packaging! They’re like juice boxes for grown-ups. So I get hydrated AND nostalgic. Also: good for hangovers. At least I tell myself that.

 READ:  “As You Wish“, by Carey Elwes. The making of The Princess Bride as told by Westley. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t read this. Why aren’t you reading it now? We could be talking about.
ATE: I’ve eaten so many wonderful things in this golden age of cuisine. So I’ll recommend a small pick-me-up. When we’re on an all day production, Jamie will usually provide us some lovely snacks to get us through the grind. And often that snack will be the chocolate covered almonds from Starbucks. People, these help. They’re like little bite size cups of coffee without the rush of the similar, but overrated, chocolate covered espresso bean. Plus, it’s almonds, so they’re good for you. Right? And they come in a cool, transparent, cylindrical tube making it easy to chart your gluttonous progress. I think more foods should come in see-through tubes. Imagine how different your Pringles experiences would be if that tube were only clear. Sidebar: the man on the Pringles tube is named Julius Pringles. Which is also my new stage name.
SAW: Slowdive at the 9:30 Club. Long live shoegazing.
HEARD: Unpopular opinion alert number 2: I am currently DONE with laptop pop. Or lap-pop.  I’m not hating on it. I love R2-D2 and all the sounds he makes, but I’m at my wit’s end with it. At least for the moment. Right now, given the state of things locally and globally, I think it best to put on a real rock-n-roll record to unwind and release and get up and yell. To that end…take a listen to What’s In My Head? by the band Fuzz. I guarantee after the song kicks into high-gear, you’ll think to yourself, “Oh yeah. That’s the stuff I’ve been missing.”
FELT: Until this year, I handed the “Best Form of Visual Fictional Entertainment” title to television. I felt they had the best actors, the best writers, the best ideas, and the time to tell an arcing story over 13 hours. But after I saw “Under the Skin,” Jonathan Glazer’s weird-ass reinvention of science-fiction, I felt like cinema could be on the comeback. I’ve never seen anything like that movie. And it has stayed with me a lot longer than “The Affair.” That said, long live McNulty.
EXPERIENCED: One of my favorite experiences of the year was watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my nine-year-old son and witnessing him experience pure delight for two hours. PURE F-ING DELIGHT. One of those moments I won’t soon forget. It made me want to ask my father, who is no longer with us, if he felt the same taking me to see The Empire Strikes Back or something comparable. I wish that I personally had enjoyed the movie more. But that’s nitpicking, and it doesn’t take away from the beautiful experience of seeing someone so swept away. I wish I could give him that more.
TRAVELED TO: Thailand. Not enough room here to sum up such a trip. But don’t miss it. Amazing culture. Amazing food. Amazing beaches. Amazing people. My intention was to channel my inner Anthony Bourdain and be very fearless with regards to what I ate. I managed to take a bite out of a fried bee honeycomb chock-full-of bee larvae. Went into it open minded. My advice would be to skip this delicacy. Maybe it wasn’t top notch larvae or it was rail larvae or something. I’ll give it the B of the D. But with some of the freshest ingredients from the surrounding areas, there really is no reason to waste your hard earned bahts on embryonic insects. Sidebar: Embryonic Insects is my new band which is fronted by Julius Pringles. We’re gonna melt your faces off in 2015.
WORE: I wore a watch for the first time in ages. And I did it for this reason: To look at my phone less. Too often have I checked the time on my phone and then dove right into a 20-minute session of Ragdoll Blast. There’s a rich irony in checking the time and then immediately wasting it. So the watch keeps those addictive rag-dolls deep in my pocket where they remain until someone starts talking about laptop pop.
BOUGHT: I bought a lot of vinyl in 2014. I completely embrace the streaming culture. I couldn’t live without Spotify. But my age does romanticize the tactile satisfaction of having a thing. I am certainly not going to try to convince you of vinyl’s sound superiority or anything like that. I know nothing of it. I’m not sure which medium has the best quality at this point. And when people DO start that debate, I will soon be playing Ragdoll Blast on my phone. However, vinyl is a fun experience. You get a big giant disc. You get a big giant double sided picture. And it’s such a pain in the ass to skip songs, you end up listening to THE WHOLE ALBUM! Imagine that. There’s a pageantry to it. A romantic element. And it’s a fun way to share music with a friend over coffee instead of over email.
Happy new year, everyone! Love and kisses, Julius Pringle