For our first post of the new year, we thought we’d impart a little wisdom from portrait photographer Peter Hurley. He produced a video about the importance of accentuating the jaw line in portraits, and returned to YouTube to discuss a ridiculous term (but effective method) called squinching.

As humans with Instagram accounts, we’re always conscious of how we look in front of the camera. Our Creative Director Jamie has mastered looking cool and comfortable on camera, but the rest of us…haven’t. Enter squinching.

To squinch, just bring your lower eyelids up a tiny bit. Those fractions of an inch take you from deer in the headlights to super cool dude. But be warned- if you squinch too hard, you risk falling into the “squint” category which will make you look like this.

Check out the video above for a squinch lesson. And then please try to use squinch in a sentence today.