It’s cold, it feels like it gets dark at noon, and getting up from the cocoon you’ve made at your desk/coffee shop seat/shared sauna workspace is too impossible to even imagine. We are deep in the thick of winter blues, and our bodies are taking the toll.

So, GET UP. Go fill up a huge glass of water and drink it while you make verbal conversation with your office mate who hasn’t escaped from his head phones in months. Think of a (kind) prank to play on the intern. Grab a buddy and some cold weather gear and walk to the coffee shop you always avoid because it’s two blocks away and on the other side of the street. Go into the bathroom and do jumping jacks. Offer to water all the plants in the office. When the boss isn’t there, stand in places you aren’t allowed.

Just get your eyes off the screen and get up. And move a little. And maybe laugh a little too. Things will thaw out eventually.