One of our favorite social mediums by far is Instagram. We love Instagram! We shoot our food, our shoes, our mugs, our travel. We shamelessly plug our work, our clients, our stuff, our parties. It’s quick, highly visual and incredibly effective for brand balance. We’ve recently put together some new edits from our own archived footage to give us something Insta-fresh to post. This is a great way to share and share again. Adding mileage to video production is a serious issue with all brands large and small because quality doesn’t come cheap. Depending on your brand, investing in quality video is almost always worth it—and building a full campaign out of one video is a special place where geniuses and heroes live.

These Insta-edits were from a brand story that we created for Treason Toting Co.. The original two minute version lives on their website and it was also debuted at an event, shared on Facebook and promoted on Twitter. The video is awesome. We got great feedback. A jillion people saw it. Now what? Well, now, it’s time to come back to some choice nuggets and share flashes of ‘Brand Mantra‘ or ‘Brand Brilliance‘ (more on that another time) in :15 clips. The guys are currently at the Liberty Fairs trade show in New York and working hard to make an impact in a sea of other great talents trying to do the same. These videos are the perfect pow directly to that audience–since everyone at the show will be connecting with each other with Liberty Fair’s own #brandtogether hashtag throughout the show on Instagram. See how we did that?