An important thing about challenging yourself is not take on way more than you can manage. Test your limits a bit, but setting yourself up for failure will land you in a worse spot than where you started. That’s why we love this 30 day Minimalism Challenge from Into-Mind. Each day offers a new, small way to weed out mental and physical clutter, and the summation of these little actions are peace and accomplishment. We also like that each day challenges both our personal and professional lives. Some will have to be saved for the weekend (sorry, but we can’t stay offline for an entire work day) and some have to be modified (most men we know aren’t really pushing their envelopes by going out sans make up) but overall these are all super attainable goals.

Simplifying your life creates time and space, and creating time and space will make you feel like you’re full of magic. Try this challenge with us, and let’s see what we can get rid of to make room for.