You know how you spend your day online reading various articles and blogs for your personal and professional gain? Those are actually written by humans (for now) and their importance is rapidly rising. Companies used to rely on their marketing teams to generate content for their online and social media presences. It was a decent model- to have a Director spend a few minutes each day recapping certain projects or ideas to general consumption, but there is now a major trend toward hiring dedicated content writers.

We have so much at our finger tips, and companies need to set themselves apart. Your Marketing Director might be an SEO rockstar with decades of battlefield experience…but are they clever? Likable? Can they convey what they know into a compelling, concise, or entertaining post? Their likability doesn’t matter internally, when they’re focused on getting their team to produce kick-ass work, but it matters a lot to their online audience. It’s like being at a bar—we’re naturally attracted to the guy with a beer and a smile and a great story to tell. That guy’s going home with somebody, and that’s who you want creating the bridge from the objective successes and failures of your company to the public. A dedicated content creator can sit in a VP meeting and turn the minutes into a clever study on time management in the creative field, or the merits of the unlimited access to caffeine available to upper management, all while touting the virtues of the company.

As you evaluate your company’s social presence, who is at the helm of content? If it’s not a strong writer, you might want to find one.