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This week’s link round ups include some really cool interactive learning sites. We’d argue that these are equally beneficial to you professionally as they are personally, however your boss might disagree depending on how little s/he understands your needs. But before you lose your Friday afternoon to the links below, abate the deafening silence of your office by clicking here.

There. All better.

Master your people skills, learn how to podcast (are we using that as a verb yet?), dig a little deeper into your photography skills, or finally figure out what the hell you’re supposed to be tasting and saying while you sip wine with Creative Live‘s cool, interactive classes.

For those of us who wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the work day after a vigorous dive into the abyss of Wikipedia, Know More is a whole new level of distraction. Start with an article about, say, the optimal pathways for finding Waldo and find yourself spit out Malkovich-style on a turnpike of things you didn’t know could be learned.

Learn how to code or build an app or a website with TreeHouse because it’s 2015 and we haven’t been programmed at birth with these skills yet.

It’s not the prettiest site, but with nearly 70,000 tutorials, Skillfeed is a work horse in online learning.

This site is less about the objective learning of a skill, and more about learning that you aren’t alone in this crazy world.

A little more DIY than design, this is a cool community for learning how to make stuff (you know, with your hands, IRL).