More divine wisdom from our old pal Dr. Frank Lipman’s (can I just call you Doc Frank from here out?) ‘The New Health Rules‘–which if you haven’t guessed by now, is Shine’s best investment of 2015 so far… This passage is titled ‘Switch the Lens‘ and it seems fitting on 1) Friday the 13th (horror!) and 2) the day before Valentine’s Day (love stinks!) and 3) the coldest day of winter so far (it’s f’ing freezing!) to talk about reframing our thinking and finding a silver lining—or focusing on something we are grateful for.

He says: ‘When you switch the lens and heal your mind of negativity, it actually heals your body of exhaustion, aches and pains.’ So, it’s not Friday the 13th—it’s just FRIDAY! Yeah! and it’s not Valentine’s Day—but a day of love, for everyone! There’s nothing to do about the winter, except be thankful that you can probably get warm if you want to and just hold on…Spring is coming. It always does.