If you live on the East Coast, you know we’re in that part of the year where winter feels like it will never, ever end. It’s called February, and we hate it. The excited indulgence of heavy foods has weakened, and if we see “…with root vegetables” on one more menu things will not end well. Sweater weather has lost its appeal, recent snow has turned quickly from magical to the yellowish-gray shades of a bruise, and the local water supply has to be dwindling because a hot shower is the only place to feel anything anymore.

So while we were browsing our favorite book/current life support, the “Get 15 Minutes of Sunlight a Day” page leapt out and shook us awake. Because soon- seriously, actually soon- we can get 15 minutes of sunlight. If March lives up to its word and goes out like a lamb, in a few weeks time we can let our pale, sad skin peek out from heavy spring coats and soak up a little sunshine.

Access to the glorious sun is energizing and boosts your mood. It fills you up with vitamin D and helps flowers grow and makes you smile. The sun is basically Drew Barrymore in the 90’s.  It’s so hard to harness your creative power when you feel cold and irritable, but give yourself (and your coworkers) a break because in 23 short days, it will be Spring. And in 44 days, we’ll all be playing hooky at Camden Yards for Opening Day. We can do it!