Remember summer? We figured while we’re all working from home today we’d post this little throwback to prove that warm weather existed once, and might come back again. This poolside treat was part of a series for the Four Seasons here in Baltimore, and stars Lane Harlan and Matt Pierce (who you might know best as the folks who operate the city’s coziest bar, W.C Harlan.) Lane also helped style this shoot, and we love the vintage look paired with the Four Season’s ultra-lux pool situation.

So please watch this video as you drink your third “work-from-home juice” (we know there’s bourbon in that mug) and remember that in the not-so-distant future, you’ll be floating in chlorinated water hoping for a cool breeze because what is UP with this humidity do we live in a swamp?

Lane_fourseasons_7 Lane_fourseasons_6 Lane_fourseasons_5 Lane_fourseasons_4 Lane_fourseasons_3 Lane_fourseasons_2

Instagram Photos of @lanesomedove by @ShineCreativetv