It’s a downright balmy 60 degrees in Baltimore today, and somehow we’re still feeling foggy. Half of our gang is shooting in Atlanta so we’re missing some of our collective energy, but a lengthy discussion about our mental states led us to the conclusion that day light savings is to blame. It is amazing to see the sun past six pm, but waking up to total darkness at 7am is rough on the spirit.

Because life works out this way occasionally, we happened across the perfect snippet of information to make getting out of bed on these dark mornings a little easier. (Or maybe we should say it’s information to scare you into not staying in bed.) Advice #99 in George Lois’ book, Damn Good Advice, is “Don’t Sleep Your Life Away.” If you’re 20 and you live to be 80, and wake up one hour earlier each day, you’ll accumulate 2.5 years of awake time. You’re essentially adding two and a half years to your life! We’re all for hitting the snooze button and sinking a little further under the covers, but damn.

Just a little something to think about tomorrow morning. Sorry for getting in your heads, but you’ll thank us for the extra earth memories when we’re all living on the moon in thirty years.