We want to live in one of Wesley Stuckey‘s designs. The gorgeous image above is so crisp and organized but also warm and accessible- and this is simply a class site for his design students. Wesley is a Baltimore-based designer who has lent his eye to brands like the Baltimore Museum of Art, Dooby’s, and Creative Mornings. He teaches at MICA and UMBC, and has the distinct honor of being able to add “temporary tattoo artist” to his resume after his collaboration with Tattly. Wesley is the coolest.

We got big-time inspired after a branding meeting with him yesterday. His class site is chock full of links to amazing designers and artists and brand geniuses, and we had to share. Scroll down to the resources list and settle in for a few hours of creative, inventive, illuminating brand-geek day dreams. (Also, you are not going crazy. There really are tiny bugs living on the site, and they come in peace.) It’s so rejuvenating to let your mind relax and enjoy the creative work happening around you, and this is a list you’ll keep coming back to.

We have some exciting projects for our new SCOUT series in the works, and we’re thrilled for this new creative partnership. Welcome on board, Wesley!