When Dutch coffee brand Moyee noticed a problem with the world’s perception of its native cafes (that the coffee was not the, um, highlight) they decided to do something about it. But their conundrum was complicated- how do you convince patrons that Amsterdam’s most tempting public activity isn’t the main attraction at coffee shops? Their answer, brilliantly, is that you don’t.

Dutch agency 180 Amsterdam brought in a group of locals, supplied them with marijuana, and filmed a taste-test of Moyee coffee. The result is ‘Under the Influence,’ a joyful, silly two minutes of adults trying to work out the best way to describe the taste of coffee. “I wouldn’t say round…and not triangular… but definitely wavy,” expounds one man. “Forest? With…chimpanzees?” giggles a stoned lady.

By folding the tasting of coffee into the experience of enjoying a public joint, Moyee has shone a light on Amsterdam’s other worthy export, while giving a new activity to altered Dutch denizens. We love the image of droves of stoned people going to sip coffee and describe the taste to each other, and we’re certain it’s a thrilling image for Moyee’s bottom line, too.

Cafes in Holland aren’t just for pot anymore…they’re also for coffee.