Our Principal Director Drury Bynum‘s first love is painting, so it seems natural that about five years ago he began making a series of short films about artists, their inspiration and process. One of the last videos from the series was about painter and Baltimore native Ryan Jedlicka.

I caught up with Ryan today by phone to see what he’s up to now. He told me four years ago, when this video was shot, he was living in Baltimore—in Hampden to be specific—was single and painting a lot. Baltimore for him then was ‘comfortable and easy,’ a familiar place with an artist community that were just ‘always there.’ It’s that community that he refers to as ‘friendly competition’ in the video.

Since then a lot has changed. He’s moved to NY, first Brooklyn and now Queens Astoria, he got married to his long time partner, photographer Dusin Reljin and he’s now an entrepreneur with a dog walking business littleBIGwalks. He hasn’t been painting at all since the move and has taken the past two years to adjust to his new life in a faster, bigger city and embrace the challenges that come with New York life. Less square footage is one reason for not creating work, but having this new city to explore daily has put him in this new period of ‘collecting’ ideas and getting grounded.

In regards to his work, he said of his paintings in the video: ‘I was really into graphic patterns and bright color then and now I think I’m also interested in figurative. Maybe combining the two. The work I do next will be a reflection of my journey and my change.’ We can’t wait to see what Ryan does next.