We make it a point to skim through our life-bible, The New Health Rules, every week, and we always end up finding the exact right advice. April is starting off with a bang, as we’re prepping for some big upcoming projects while completing others. Being busy is wonderful but it’s easy to burn out…and for us, burning out affects our creativity, and our creativity is our money maker. So opening to New Health Rules’ reminder to do something we love for at least ten minutes a day was perfectly timed. It spurred a studio-wide conversation about our daily routines and rituals, and even the simple act of sharing the things we love to do shifted our collective mood.

Here are a few peeks into what our brains like to do to relax and reboot.

I meditate daily. It’s like a reset button for my brain, and it reminds me that most of my thoughts are just made up stories.

I like to break up the binary and take little analog departures–like writing ideas with a pen (!) on a big notepad, using a stapler every now and then or just simply making a salad. That means getting up from the desk, going into our studio kitchen and actually chopping veggies and assembling a real meal that involves food that doesn’t come in hermetically sealed packages or from takeout. Putting it all in a big wooden primitive bowl takes me away even further from the 1’s & 0’s.

I read and do crossword puzzles every day. Reading helps my brain power down by focusing on someone else’s story, and finishing a crossword gives me a super-inflated sense of brilliance and accomplishment.

I love to walk my dog- I use her as an excuse to get outside and walk around my neighborhood, get fresh air, and give both of us some exercise.

Happy brain boosting!