We love where we live. The past few weeks in our city have been tough, but watching our community rebuild and strengthen has proven the resiliency and spirit of Baltimore.

We’re working with Siquis on a campaign for the Maryland Board of Tourism, and it’s currently taking us all over the state. It’s been an interesting time to venture outside of our city bubble, because once people hear we’re from Baltimore, they want to know how things are here. We’ve been proud ambassadors- not sugar coating anything, because there are so many things to mend- but talking about the immediate and peaceful response from residents and businesses to help shine a different light on our city to the people who asked.

Here are a few shots from the far corners of our state. We’ve covered the Eastern shore, Maryland beaches, and the gorgeous waterfront of our state’s capitol. It’s been really cool to spend time with some of the badass people who choose to live and work in our stunning, diverse state, and we’re excited for the final cuts of these shoots to air. (Speaking of air, we also got to work with Elevated Element on this project and camera drones are…amazing.)