This weekend, while waiting for a certain a cappella movie to begin, a one minute spot for Airbnb played in the theatre. Commercials are not an entirely new precursor to previews and the actual movie itself, but we were surprised and delighted to see the gorgeous ad play, essentially selling a glimpse into the lives of strangers to the audience.

We’ve long been fans of Airbnb, and now we get to be fans of their beautiful, on-brand messaging. One of last year’s commercials was a whimsical stop motion feat, and though the 2015 version feels a little more grown up, it’s no less emotional or inspiring. Their “Never a Stranger” campaign follows a woman around the world as she dips in and out of the lives of her hosts, seeing foreign lands through the eyes of a native.

The campaign comes at the perfect moment, as Cuba reopens to the United States. Cubans have already shown their hospitality by reaching 1,000 listings in just three months (a feat that took San Francisco and Berlin three years). It’s an amazing time to allow two countries to reintroduce themselves to each other, and the intimacy offered by the Airbnb model is certain to inspire the formation of close relationships- and more incredible advertising- in the years to come.

And if anyone is looking to sponsor a Shine field trip to Havana, we’re totally fine with that.