Many of our projects this year have been for companies or entities we really, really like. (If you’re in the creative world, you know that this is not always the norm, and to be very grateful when it happens.) We got to shoot all over our beloved state for the Maryland Board of Tourism last month, and earlier in the spring we created a video for our digital office secretary, Paymo.

Paymo is a project management app that streamlines our book keeping, payroll, and various other office-y tasks. It’s simple and efficient and frees up brain space for the creative work we love to do. Paymo’s head honchos suggested we chronicle our day-to-day operation as a working model of what their application can help small businesses accomplish, so in a very meta-moment, we filmed our staff of charismatic super models on the Treason Toting Co SCOUT set and in the office.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how we make everything look so effortless and still get so much done before happy hour, Paymo is the answer, and this video is for you.