As filmmakers, we edit. A lot. The voices and expressions and words of our subjects are played and replayed (and replayed) as we produce each film, and we walk away from the finished product feeling connected to—and maybe a bit inundated by—our subjects.

But as we created the elements for this SCOUT project, the editing process felt charmed. Our featured artist, Baltimore photographer Devin Allen, shines in front of the camera just as brightly as he does behind it. He’s boyish but sturdy; passionate but realistic, and is truly grateful and excited for his career.

We’re thrilled with this project because it’s an opportunity to show another angle to the current unrest in our city. There are certainly many, many unsolved issues, but we’re proud that people like Devin have stepped up to peacefully and creatively share the unseen sides to the story.

Please enjoy this video about Time Magazine photographer, Devin Allen. See more of this story on our microsite