Last Friday was one of those “man, our job is great,” kind of days.

We spent the morning shooting Creative Mornings in the Baltimore School for the Arts ballroom (which, I mean, come on). Husband and wife aerial photography team Terry and Belinda Kilby were our speakers, and they opened with a drone flying around the space, capturing the audience. Once we wrapped there, we caravanned up to the Station North Tool Library where we shot and interviewed the incredible founders of the library- and the subjects of our next SCOUT series video- Piper, John, and Chris.

We thought we’d share a few behind the scenes images of the shoot. Having Terry and Belinda on hand with their drone is such a treat and we were able to capture some beautiful aerial footage of the SNTL crew skate boarding with their dogs (yes, they skate board with their dogs in real life, and yes, they made those skate boards).

The images below will give you a bit of an idea about what it takes to get an action shot. We have Terry and Belinda controlling the drone; our Director Dru running the show; our POV Director Gregg on sound and back up camera; our intern Cass shooting the entire process; resident Shine photog John capturing stills of our subjects; and our Content Producer Megan grabbing behind the scenes pictures and holding back traffic.

It takes a village, and we love our village.

Take a look at the pictures and video below and stay tuned for our upcoming Station North Tool Library SCOUT video. Also we hope you’re as impressed as we were that SNTL co-founder John’s shoes match the deck of his skate board. Electric pink is the new black.