If we were pessimists, we’d say that the worst part of this heat is how quickly our ice melts, but we’re optimists, so we’re very much enjoying the cool relief provided by condensation, and how pretty it looks in photos. Even when it feels like 104 outside, we can find the silver lining to a cocktail hour. We’re working on some new content for the blog, wrapping up a few SCOUT videos, and getting a few more going. We’re assuming your summer has been as busy and productive so far, so go ahead and take a few minutes to browse this week’s links.

Terry Gross interviewing Marc Maron on interviewing President Obama.

Love this real-life paper doll showing 100 years of fashion.

Bill Murray’s thoughts on life.

Though fans of the Californian way of speaking, we had forgotten about the madness of early aughts west coast pop/punk accents (but linguists, it turns out, did not).

The highest form of transparency in advertising.

Wes Anderson is one detail-oriented dude.

An interview with Shine photographer, John Davis.

Some silly (but apparently effective) reverse psychology.

The countdown is on for July 31, but this trailer will keep us warm til then.