Though it’s been out for a few months, about half of our staff independently discovered Chef’s Table last weekend, and it’s been on our minds all week. The new Netflix series follows six chefs (with more combined Michelin stars than there are in the sky) and dives deep into both their personal lives and their kitchens. The food porn element is obviously alluring, but we’ve loved watching the beautifully shot quieter moments, like Francis Mallmann preparing a fish on the shore of his Patagonian island, or Massimo Bottura making his wife laugh. We tend to think of these food world titans as untouchable legends, and these intimate portraits humanize them, while also inspiring you to get up off of your ass and make something.

Netflix nailed this series, and as the shift continues from cable to this kind of segmented programming, we’re hopeful that work of this caliber will set the bar. Check out this series over the weekend, but be warned to only do so on a full stomach.