There’s just nothing better than an ad that doesn’t feel like an ad. This Samsung Galaxy spot feels like a trailer for Step Into Liquid 2, and not at all like a plea to buy a new cell phone. The spot also manages to make what is arguably the world’s most exclusive sport feel like it belongs to everyone. The tag “We are better than I,” is perhaps a nod to a shift from this exclusivity, which is further supported by the VO that thanks everyone from the greats, to the haters, to everything in between.

It’s also visually stunning, opening with an IMAX-quality sweep of ocean, and one tiny, bobbing figure. We’re then pulled in to the minutiae of the sport- 3am wake up calls, gruesome injuries, turf battles- again tugging at our awareness of belonging.

Take a look- if nothing else it’ll make you wish your mom had signed you up for surfing instead of soccer.