Above is a little closed-eye, mid-pontificating, behind-the-scenes action of our newest series, set to launch very soon. We can’t divulge too much yet, but it involves creatives making their favorite cocktails while we ask them questions. Actually, that’s pretty much it.

Keep an eye out for it…our first guest is the very funny Jonathan Anthes of Siquis. If you like gin and art directors from Arkansas, boy have we got a treat for you.

Enjoy your weekend, stay hydrated if you’re going to Artscape, and here are some links for your Friday afternoon.

Sign up opens on Monday for Baltimore’s 7/24 Creative Mornings. The theme is “collaborate” and the panel is awesome.

This Avaya ad is spot-on, and a reminder of why we love working with humans we like talking to.

It’s difficult to see the downside of this picnic table hack…

Edible art.

An ad-free Hulu? Are we really that lucky?

Holy sh*t, someone mapped curse words.

Amazon Prime Day was a bust, but worth it because the responses were hilarious.