“People don’t want to be sold, they want to be inspired.” – Beth Comstock

One of our biggest heroes of video storytelling Beth Comstock, CMO of GE, was featured recently in a new video for Future of Storytelling, which, if you’re not familiar, is a two day summit of ‘top executives, creative talent, and technologists with the vision and influence to change the way that stories will be told tomorrow and beyond.’

So, of course we’re interested.

Beth is our corporate crush for many reasons—not just because of her incredible brain, but primarily because she’s been a long time champion of telling the brand story differently. She talks a lot about sharing stories that matter—and not focusing on products, but on people. Our first intro to Beth was in 2013 with her Brilliant Brunch for GE—a series of round table talks at SXSW that had creatives, makers and startups chatting it up over mimosas and waffles. What we liked about this is that GE seemingly took a genuine interest in the path to creativity and provided a platform for young, enterprising voices to share their newfound wisdom.

This recent video has some nuggets of pure Beth Comstock gold and we are inspired.

  • Behind every person, company, thing there’s a story of how it got there. The most relevant stories connect on a personal level. 
  • You have to be about a story to connect, to connect to person, customer, product.
  • Your company can be a storyteller… When you embrace who you are as a company and find an elegance and beauty in it, it’s amazing where it takes you.
  • If you plant enough seeds and make yourself open enough, people understand and relate to your story the commerce will follow.

You can also just watch and learn from the master yourself.