Coming off of last week’s Beth Comstock inspiration, we’ve been on the lookout for advertising that echoes her sentiments. This Honda ad really struck a cord, and is completely in the spirit of Comstock’s advice, “When you embrace who you are as a company and find an elegance and beauty in it, it’s amazing where it takes you.” In this case, Honda takes us all the way to Rainbow Ranch.

Creating good advertising for a car is an admittedly fairer task than marketing, say, a GE jet engine, but we thought this work out of Leo Burnett Melbourne was worth taking a look. 

LBM managed to tap into our collective nostalgia (who didn’t have a favorite toy meet an unfortunate fate), and allowed us to take part in the adventure through the lens of both the parent and the child. It’s beautiful, whimsical, and connective. We think Beth would approve.