It’s been nearly a year and a half since our partner at Shine Creative and friend, Melissa Kirby, suffered a devastating and rare brain stem stroke. A year ago, Melissa—who was a super healthy, active, 42 year old mother of two—was considered ‘locked in,’ which meant she was extremely limited in mobility. Her brain literally had to ‘rewire’ itself and create new pathways to re-develop even the most basic motor skills. Through daily therapy, she has made incredible progress since and thankfully is no longer locked in, yet her recovery is akin to watching a flower bloom in real time. It’s slow, but it’s happening.

Missy on set in Mississippi doing her thing.
Missy on set in Mississippi—per usual, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

For this type of recovery, there is no ceiling, there is no end, there is no time line but her own. We only know that today she is better than she was last week and last week she was much further than last month—and yes, last year—way beyond where she was then. We will never stop championing for our friend and continue to remain hopeful and positive because we know that in a month, in a year—with continued therapy—she will be stronger. She will be better.

Join us this Saturday, August 22 as we host a very special fundraising event at Clipper Mill Pool—Illuminate Love + Light for Melissa, and witness the strength and unity among the Baltimore community of retailers, restaurants and creatives as we rally together to help one of our own. It’s extraordinary and inspiring. #loveandlightformelissa