When heavy hitters in video gather together and talk about the future, who’s winning and what’s trending in video, we listen. Key takeaways from this power dinner conversation held after the 2015 AdWeek Watch Awards :

  1. The big winner in video right now is Facebook in terms of growth, views, revenue and opportunity.
  2. Facebook is a different kind of viewing experience, so publishers are starting to create content specific to that user experience, especially in mobile.
  3. Meerkat & Periscope are disrupting the video landscape by transforming the experience.
  4. Think about the audience. Do not replicate the :30 spot for the digital audience. The content needs to be adjusted for wherever that content appears. TV content doesn’t necessarily translate to mobile.
  5. There’s no time cap for consumption. The misconception that millennials have short attention spans and that content should be no more than :30 has been proven wrong by creators like VICE . The story should be as long as it takes to tell.

To watch all the major players the video industry eating giant salads and talking next big things in video go here.