Erin Fitzpatrick is probably one of the hardest working artists we know. We first met at the former Shine Collective boutique in 2009 when we showcased her charcoal portrait series alongside photographer-cum-star real estate agent Christopher Graham (see the flier below). She created portraits of Jamie and Melissa that we will forever treasure and has since then migrated from large format, airy charcoal drawings to super tight paintings in high-test oil.

erin fitzpatrick playgrounds portaits

Fast forward six years, roughly 300 portraits and countless hours of brush to canvas later, Erin is finally seeing the skies parting and her work taking new flight. Our latest SCOUT video spends some time with Erin and uncovers the realities of being an independent artist, her desire to be a highly valued and sought after talent as well as the straight up hustle and no-shame-in-her-game path of self promotion. Erin’s hard work and perseverance is an inspiration to all of us and we’re rooting for her to go all the way.

Her SCOUT video launches next week on September 11 and her show of new work opens at Jordan Faye Contemporary on October 17. Below are some stills from the upcoming video.