Every now and then we get a project that we can really feel good about—because not only is the company or brand doing something awesome that we truly believe in, but also because they are trusting of our ideas and let us do our thing.

Open Works is that project. This new 34,000 sq. ft. maker space coming to Baltimore in 2016 hasn’t even been built yet, but they wanted a video that would share their vision with the world—even if their vision has yet to be realized.

That was the challenge for us as filmmakers—how do you show something that isn’t there? We only had two things to work with—a giant empty space on Greenmount Avenue and the stories of those who will be using the space when it’s built. With that in mind, we decided to show the ‘potential’ by building sets for our future makers. These vignettes visually illustrate the who, what, why and how of Open Works through people and not Powerpoint—win!.

We can’t wait until this place gets going. Stay tuned to their progress by following them on social: Twitter > @openworksbmore, Instagram > @Open_Works_bmore and Facebook > OpenWorksBmore