Baltimore can be the most confounding place on earth, but it can also be the most wonderful. When friends all over the world ask us ‘why Baltimore?’ We always give the same answer—it’s the people.

Yeah, the real estate is cheap and all, but that may be just one of the reasons we have such a tight community of burgeoning creatives, entrepreneurs and generally nice people that enrich our quality of life and make our dreams seem completely possible. This community tells each other—you can make/do/be whatever you want. You can. Here.

Station North Tool Library is a big part of this collective of ‘small city/big ideas’ community. They’ve taken the reigns of an amazing idea to create a place that supplies its members with a library of tools and a base of knowledge to build anything and watched it grow into what will soon be a sustainable business model. They are nearly to their goal, but needed a little boost—which is where we came in—with this very special Kickstarter-style video (careful, it’s a tearjerker).

That’s what happens in Baltimore. We support each other, applaud each other, go to each other’s shows and give each other a hand when it’s needed. We are a small town in a big city that cares deeply about its inhabitants and its future. The Tool Library is a key cog in Baltimore that will help make this city better—and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

If you’d like to contribute to Building a Better Baltimore and support the Station North Tool Library, please donate here (and watch the video). Thanks!